Tips From Cycle1979 and Willsstrs

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#1  Stay out of the rough and sand!!!  Shots out of the rough are way too inconsistent.  You are better off laying up than getting 40 yards closer but in the deep stuff.#2  Learn the greens… once you figure out how to control the distance you can 2 putt everything!  Every once in a while you get lucky and hit the first putt in.

#3  Save your expensive balls for credit play!

#4  Get VERY good at 1 course and start playing match play challenge on that course.  Wait for players that you think you have a chance to beat.  Avoid players with low tier and high WGT levels.  Play players with high tiers and low WGT levels.

#5  Save your credits and avoid cheap clubs.  Wait for the good clubs!

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Willsstrs’ tips:1.practice with starter balls to get on top of meters before tourneys

2. 1 inch uphill=add 1 ft to putt legnth 1in downhill= subtract 1 ft from putt length

3. Play as few ranked rounds as possible- become the best player you can while staying in that tier

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More Willsstrs’ tips:1. practice from back tees to work on short game, practice from front tees to work on wedge and iron game and making birdies

2. Play ready gos on your best course. Most succuessful WGTers do.

3. rent clubs before you buy them-you never know if you will like them.

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Check out my forum post on WGT for tips-I have gotten a lot of positive comments from very good players about them…

Always read the fine print…..

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