Winter Cup Standings


Weekly Winter Cup Scoreboard

Weekly results for the East Coast Holiday cup are posted below.  Handicap is determined by player average on or around the start of the second round of the event (including partial strokes) plus 1 stroke for under level 92 players and 2 strokes for under level 83.

East Coast Holiday Cup Update

Starting this Thanksgiving weekend, we will kick off the Holiday Cup Tour (Fedex format).  At the end of the regular season (end of the year) handicapped point accumulations will be necessary for making the playoffs and redeemable as for balls at 3:1 ratio or as freeroll credits at 2:1 ratio.  You will receive points for finishing in the top 50!  Below is the tour schedule.  A new event will kick off about once every three days.  I will be updating results on this site as events conclude.  Scores will be kept on a gross and handicapped basis.  Good luck!

The key for the codes below are:

  • STA – St Andrews
  • KIA – Kiawah Island
  • BPB – Bethpage Black
  • OLY – The Olympic Course
  • CON – Congressional CC
  • OAK – Oakmont CC
  • RSG – Royal St George
  • BOF – Best of Famous Holes
  • BOH – Best of Hardest Holes

MMVF – decodes medium wind, medium pins, very fast greens.  All events are single play.

Event Venue Difficulty Round1 Round2 Round3 Season Qualification Max Points
1 STAF9 Easy LEF MMVF MHT Regular All 500
2 BPBF9 Easy LET MMVF LHT Regular All 500
3 KIAF9 Med LEVF HMF MHT Regular All 500
4 OLYB9 Med MEF LEVF HET Regular All 500
5 CONF9 Med MEVF HMF LHT Regular All 500
6 RSGF9 Med HEF LMVF MHT Regular All 500
7 OAKF9 Med LEVF LMT HHT Regular All 500
8 STAB9 Hard HESl HMSt LHF Regular All 500
9 KIAB9 Easy MEVF LMT LHT Regular All 500
10 OAKB9 Hard HEF LMT MHT Regular All 500
11 OLYF9 Hard MESl LESl HEF Regular All 500
12 BPBB9 Hard HEVF MMT HHT Regular All 500
13 RSGB9 Hard LET MMVF LHT Regular All 500
14 CONB9 Hard HET MMT HHT Regular All 500
15 BOFF9 Med MEF LEVF MET Playoff1 T25 2500
16 BOFB9 Hard LEF MEVF HET Quarterfinals T20 2500
17 BOHF9 Hard MET LEVF HET Semifinals T15 2500
18 BOHB9 Hardest HESl MEF HET Finals T10 2500

East Coast Winter Cup

Beginning this Thanksgiving holiday we start a new “Fedex” style series.  The tour will cover all 7 courses (9 holes each) and the 2 best of (playoffs).  This will span 14 regular season events and 4 playoff events.  Results will be kept on a gross and a handicapped basis.  As with the Fedex style, players may not need to compete in every event to qualify for the playoff events.  There will be prizes awarded for this event series.