East Coast Winter Cup

Beginning this Thanksgiving holiday we start a new “Fedex” style series.  The tour will cover all 7 courses (9 holes each) and the 2 best of (playoffs).  This will span 14 regular season events and 4 playoff events.  Results will be kept on a gross and a handicapped basis.  As with the Fedex style, players may not need to compete in every event to qualify for the playoff events.  There will be prizes awarded for this event series.


East Coast Cup Series

This year East Coast attempted to mimic the PGA tour schedule with our own Fedex Cup series (eventually won by Jeff1026).  The Cup was very popular this year, but there were a few deficiencies I’d like to correct before pursuing a second series.  These issues were as following:

  • the season was way to long for WGT
  • lots of complicated administration done by me
  • the handicapping system didn’t really benefit the weaker players enough, it ended up being a competition between top players even with handicapping
  • we quickly ran out of courses to play

Considering these issues, I’d like to implement a second club cup series that mimics the Fedex format.  That looks like:

  • single, 9 hole, 3 round tournament (progressive conditions)
  • handicapping is captured on the 1st and 15th of the month and applied as average minus 61 rounding up, capped at a max of 9 shots applied to 27 hole round
  • the cup “tours” every course exactly once (a 7 week destination tour)
  • point distribution will continue to follow Fedex method
  • Playoffs will include a semi (best of famous) and a final (best of hardest)
  • We’ll “re-rack” the points ala Fedex for the playoffs.
  • Top 30? cumulative will make semis, top 15? compete in finals
  • In total, the cup season lasts only 9 weeks.
  • Weekly results will be kept on the website.