Olympics at Olympic

Coming this summer to East Coast Country Club, is a series of events we are calling Olympics at Olympic, celebrating the release of a new course to WGT and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games!  This series will feature a unique (perhaps peculiar) mix of events designed to give everyone in the club a shot at gold!  Naturally, the host course for all of these events will be The Olympic club!

Opening Ceremony: Start With Starters (starter clubs and balls only)

This event will be based loosely on pool and knockout play found in team Olympic team sports.  There will consist 4 pools (8 if necessary) of players.  Each pool will play a swiss round robin consisting of 3 hole matches at random holes on the Olympic Course.  3 points are awarded for a win and 1 for a tie.  The 4 top performers in each pool at the end of the round robin phase will advance to the knockout bracket of 16 and be ranked according to their score.  The bracket will resolve to 3 medalists, featuring a broze match.  3 medalists will receive prizes.  To register, click the link above.

In order to play all of these matches we will designate match hookup times to allow players to play 4-5 at a time.  These times are tentatively Saturday 8-11 AM EST, Monday 7-10 PM EST and Thursday 7-10 PM EST.  USE THE CHAT ROOM HERE TO SET UP MATCHES!!!  The goal is fun, member socialization, practice on a new course and competition on an equal playing field.

Event #2 ECCC Singles Championship:

Sign up is open here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/eagd2b8f66

This event will start in June and likely run for several weeks following the “starters” event.  It is the official East Coast 2012 club championship.  Medals will be awarded.

Make sure you participate in the forum for feedback on future Olympic events.  Like the Olympics, we will keep a running total of medals by country on the website!


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