Kiawah Notes

Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course – By Willsstrs

This was WGT’s first strokeplay course. Right out of the gate, You need strategy and accuracy. This course is so long (from long tees) that power doesn’t help much. Take fairway over 40 yds!

Hole by hole:

  1.  Left center off of the tee, aim just right of the flag on the approach. The putt from the right of the pin is fairly straight. Short or left is a no-no. A definite birdie opportunity!
  2. If you can, cut the corner. Press the spacebar to zoom in and check the yardage over the waste area. Stay left on the layup. Do not mess with the bunker in front of the green. If you are going for it, make sure you can stop it on the green or quickly after, or it is not worth it. Stay short right of the pin on your approach after a lay up. This will leave an uphill putt.
  3. When you approach the green, stay short right of the pin on approach, as anything long or left of the flag is impossible to make.  This green has some very false breaks, so make sure you know the green well!
  4. Drive down the left side of the fairway an stay long left of the flag on your approach. Get out with a par and you should be happy.
  5. Aim right at the flag, and the ball will feed slightly left, leaving an uphill putt. Do NOT try to aim right of the flag, as there is a big ridge just right of the flag that you do not want to be on the wrong side of.

  1. A fairly easy hole, just make sure you stay short of the hole on your approach. Trying to putt from past the hole is a nightmare.
  2. Cut the corner if you can. On your approach, play it as 2 yards less than it says, because there is a downslope leading to the hole. Get your birdie here!
  3. Play short left of the flag and the ball will feed down to the flag.
  4. Play the approach a bit longer than it suggests, because anything short is not fun.
  5. Keep from going left on the approach and you are fine!
  6. This is a fairly easy par 5. Aim a little right on your layup, as there is no trouble to the right and a ton to the left. A fairly flat green makes this a birdie hole.
  7. Long par 4. Stay safe on the approach and get par here.
  8. This narrow drive and narrow approach, both protected by water, makes this a scary hole. Be happy with par, even though a birdie is possible.
  9. Play a little bit short on this hole, and it will release to the hole.
  10. Stay short of the hole on your approach to leave yourself an easy, uphill putt.
  11. Make sure you can clear the brush on the right with your second shot if you want to go for a straight approach. If you are not sure, play to the corner to leave yourself 120-ish yards to this green.
  12. You will be thinking “don’t go right and take an extra club”. Don’t listen because there is more room to the right of the flag than you think. DO make sure that you have enough club to clear the water. A chip shot from the left side of this green can be just as bad as being in the water!
  13. The green slopes from right to left, so play just right of the flag on your approach. This is both an easy hole to birdie and an easy hole to mess up. With no immediate danger around the green, some get careless, which is the last thing you want here!

The real thing, Kiawah Ocean Course Home.


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2013 March Madness

Join us for 2013 East Coast March Madness


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  • Must be an East Coast member
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  • Matches will be played on a weekly schedule
  • Course setup will be 9 hole match play, ranked mode for match play and CTTH Blitz for Blitz play
  • Locations will be specified ahead of time
  • Field size is TBD (hope to have 64)
  • Prizes TBD
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