If you’ve been following the club forum, you probably have already heard about the club guild program that is forming.  Currently, we have about 7-8 guilds and room enough for anyone who wants to initially join one.  The guild ranking competition will begin with week 13 of the Fedex Cup Competition.  Maintaining a relatively high activity level in the game is a must as you will see below.

Management once we being the guild competition:

  • Guild masters will still be able to trade players at will to maintain parity, balance their player credit budget and so forth.  Remember, being able to interact with your other guild members will give you more chances to earn guild points!
  • The guild budget of 15 player credits will increase every month by a small margin.
  • New guilds may be formed after the competition begins.  They will be assigned a minimum amount of guild points as “catch up”

Guild Competitions:

The guild rankings will be determined by the sum of the accumulation of guild points by each and every guild member.  For now, these are only individual events.  (Not to worry, group events are coming.)  Simply put, (for now) there are 4 ways to earn guild points:

  1. Shoot a good score in the weekly 36 hole Fedex tournament
  2. Shoot a good score in the weekly CTTH tournament
  3. Shoot a good score in the monthly Stableford style event, post a scorecard
  4. Record Bonus points from an Inter-club win or AS challenge win
  5. Record a bonus for 3 man skins based win

That’s all you really need to know to participate.  Those wishing to dive deeper into the scoring complexities (simplicities really) can read about the guild events further:

  • Alchemy (weekly): Play the weekly Fedex cup rounds.  Gross strokes under par are accumulated for the entire guild and magically transformed into guild points (1 to 1).  If a player posts a plus score, points will not be subtracted.
  • Archery (weekly): Each week there will be a free guild based CTTH competition.  Placement of each guild in this event will be based on top 5 lowest aggregate scores (200 for individual non competes).  Weekly guild points are awarded by placement as follows:
    1. 30 pts
    2. 20 pts
    3. 15 pts
    4. 10 pts
    5. 5 pts
    6. 5 pts
  • Field Combat/Scouting (Inter-club/AS bonuses):   Report a result here.

    • Inter-club match wins, of singles or AS variety, will score 20 bonus guild points/person to ones guild.
    • Alternate shot match wins score bonus points. Both players must be members of the same guild.  The opponents must be members of another guild.  A scorecard will be required to be posted to receive the bonus.  A win against a pair from another guild is worth 10 points +/- the difference in tier credits.  (eg L/TP def M/M, bonus = 5 pts – 1 credit = 4 pts …don’t worry the reporting system will calculate this)
  • “Stable”ing (monthly): Once a month we’ll play an 18 hole tournament using the modified Stableford method.  This will require folks post scorecards of their round and calculate their Stableford score (8 pts dbl eagle, 5 pts eagle, 2 pts birdie, 0 par -1 bogey, -3 dbl b)  Points accumulate to guild total.
  • Trapping (more bonus): Trapping is a cutthroat 3 man skins format in 9 hole practice mode played from the white or blue tee.  The 3 players must be part of 3 different guilds.  Guild points are awarded equal to number of skins won plus a bonus handicapping adjustment for players in lower tiers.  A lower tiered player’s guild point bonus is determined by the number of skins taken times the sum of the tier credit deficit he/she is facing in the match.   Eg.  suppose a TM (3 credits) wins 3 skins against 2 Legends (4 credits).  He is facing a 2 credit deficit against the Legends.  Therefore, he receives 3 skins plus a bonus of 3 skins taken x (2 credits) = 9 points to his guild.  Likewise a TP who accumulates 2 skins against a TM and a Master would receive 2 skins plus a bonus of 2 skins x (1+2 credit deficit) = 8 points.  Lower tiered players can accumulate points quickly if they play very well.  I think this is fair considering practice mode dictates that they all hit from the same tee.
  • Hand to Hand combat: This space is reserved for intra-club, head to head style league competition.  We’ll get there eventually.

If necessary, I reserve the right to tweak the scoring mechanism to make the play run better.


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