Current Member Balances

Earning Credits

If you are a member of East Coast, you have probably noticed “Freeroll” tournaments appearing in the club tournaments section of the game window.  The way these events work is very similar to frequent flier miles or credit card awards.  From the moment you join the club, you can start winning events and earning credits.  These events range from daily stroke tournaments to tier based awards.  Cycle1979 will keep the tally of credits earned on his blog here.  Once you have accrued enough to make a major equipment purchase (>500c).  You may redeem this credits for club upgrades of your choice.


Freeroll sponsorship is open to anyone willing to contribute extra credits.  Contact Cycle1979 if you are interested in contributing.  A donation as low as 1000c is enough to help fun the program for a while (currently there is a balance of well over 10000c).   The program is essentially an endowment pool where members who pledge credits are occasionally asked to gift an item to other club members who wish to redeem credits earned in the program.  The goal, to help lower tiered, higher average players move up and ultimately make East Coast the most competitive club on WGT!


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