Fixing Meter Problems

There is one skill that anyone can acquire that will drop shots off your game.  If the application refresh is “sticky” there are two major actions you can perform to improve this:

  1. Delete your flash cache
  2. Clean up your friends list

Delete your cache:

Right-click on the launcher application and choose “global settings”:

Select “Delete All…”:

Click “Delete Data”:

Clean up your friends list:

Many of the elite players in WGT have very few friends and not because they despise the social aspect of the game. Have you ever noticed that the game seems to have more lag on a Saturday? It’s a simple fact that the online friend status updates in the flash interface degrades the “refresh-ability” of the game applet once you get more that 15 or so active friends on line.

Solution: Reserve your friends list for… your friends (those people whom you would play a lot in multiplayer and need to send PMs back and forth). Remove those friends that are way out of tier and you won’t ever play a game with. You can always post a message on someones wall, the club forum, or even invite players who aren’t on your friends list to a game. I suggest keeping an alternate list in excel if you are planning on rounding out an AS foursome, for example. Club owners note: I’ve recently done this to my own list, trimming it from 190 down to 130 or so.

Make sure you fill out the member survey. There is a section devoted to regular schedules. I hope to publish information in the club forum that will help players friend and play with each others based on their skill and the regularity of their schedules. Fill out the survey!


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