Inter-Club Challenge Request

Want to Challenge ECCC to an inter-club match?

Here at ECCC, we are happy to host inter-club signups on our website for both teams and collect result as they are posted (made available to both team captains).  Complete the form below to suggest a match.


2 thoughts on “Inter-Club Challenge Request

  1. i have no ideal how to set up a match play for my club to play other clubs any help is welcome. would like to see wgt have alt shot tournaments or best Ball tournaments like we do in real golf clubs.

  2. Hello,
    I’m admiring your website and how organised and committed you appear to be. I just formed a country club (Players Only Country Club) a couple of weeks ago after being in two with very little activity. We have now reached the 100 members limit mark, with players from PRO+, and the club is going quite well at the moment.
    I am wondering can you help me out with information on matches against other clubs, how do go about organising these. Any other tips or assistance you might think helpful would be very much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Michael. (Dubfore)

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