Note: Dial-A-Shot will soon become a members only benefit.  I will be making enhancements to adjust for downwind/high spin clubs and adding a variety of new bunker lies.  If you are not already a member of East Coast, please apply here!

To use these tools, enter the value highlighted by yellow to match your current position. The green tells you what the adjusted distance is. New and improved! Align your putter pal measure with the percentage for correct meter strength. Note: I have reconfigured the dial-a-putt to add an 18in margin of speed past the hole. Please adjust if you have steep downhill beyond the hole. Good luck!


Note: I don’t have anything for Non Legend Championship yet.  Equipment used: Spider Ghost putter.

Dial-A-Putt Sheet

The apps below assume a fairly good set of clubs and balls. Thick rough and tailwind greatly effect the roll of the ball. This impact is largely determined by your specific equipment. Make sure you adjust appropriately.


This calculator assumes a high, full BS shot. For medium height clubs, adjust the effect by about 80%.  Equipment used: G10 Irons, lvl79 Burners.


This calculator also assumes a full BS shot. For a good set of wedges, take about 2 yards off the caddie result.  Equipment used: lvl 79 Burners.  Minkywinkster’s advice is to punch the 40-50%.  The table below is calibrated to 100% iron shot.  So it is possible, you may get better distance from the punch.

General Distance Notes (top Cleveland’s may yield different results due to spin):

  • 15-20% Sand = Stated Distance * 1.25 (Full BS Punch or Flop)
  • 30-40% Sand = Stated Distance * 1.5 (Full BS Punch)
  • 50-60% Sand = Stated Distance * 2 (Full BS Punch)


– coming soon!


13 thoughts on “Dial-A-Shot

      • so does that mean that i take the value beside the degree of wind and the subtract it from the “Effect”?

  1. Good shot info here,,we were pretty close to these numbers already, but benefited from this a bit, so ty. I’ve been working on a table for “Punch Shot TM R11 3-wood” from a lie in 15-30% first cut rough. Have had gr8 results experimenting with this shot, using Nike-X as my preferred ball.

  2. just be careful using the putter pal, with the dial a shot at tourney speed on st andrews. its a bit faster (the dial a ashot distance) than it reads. wish there was a dial a shot for elevation!!! great overall tool!!

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