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Great job Will!  I will add my input to this thread… I’ve been through a ton of clubs as I moved up levels and I forget most of them.  I do remember that my game improved most with the higher level Raptures but honestly… the best clubs by far are the 80+ level clubs so I will stick to reviewing them.  Also.. I do not use a hybrid and use 3 wedges instead.  I feel the hybrid becomes an inbetween club and you will get much more production out of having a very accurate wedge game.

Callaway Tour i(z) Balls – These balls are by far the best balls in the game!  Great spin, great control over the meter, they fly off the clubs and are extremely accurate.  I almost feel like they have a magnet on the pin sometimes.  My ball will hit 5 yards away and track right to the pin!  Awesome balls but VERY expensive (300 credits)… Be sure to use them sparingly and for high level credit play/match play.

WGT Tour S Balls – I’ve purchased a ton of these balls to use for my casual play and low credit tourneys because they are relatively inexpensive. I can’t say I love them but I am able to control my meter better with these than the free balls. They have mediocre spin and add minimal distance to my driver. Overall… I would use them for low credit play and Country Club play to avoid losing/wasting your Tour i(z)’s.

R9 TP 8.5 Driver – Level 62+ – I’ve used this driver through Master tier and Tour Master.  I am on the verge of Legend but avoiding the upgrade so if you practice you can definitely use this driver to get to legend.  The meter can be tricky to get used to at first and the meter speed is fast.  I have trouble controlling it with inexpensive and free balls but with Callaway Tour i(z)’s I hit fairways 90+% of the time and have had drives well over 350 yards.  Overall… I wouldn’t upgrade this driver until you can get the R11 at level 88…. great driver from level 62 to 88!

Taylormade R11 3 Wood – Level 85 – I was using the higher level Rapture wood all through the lower levels until I hit 85 to buy this club so I don’t have much to compare it to but it is amazing.  It stops on a dime compared to the other wood and lets me hit the greens on the par 5’s from the Master/Tour Master tees.  Unless I have a headwind, I am almost guaranteed a birdie on most par 5’s and typically have less than a 25 foot putt for Eagle!  Great club… it just takes forever to get to level 85 for the upgrade.

Cleveland CG16 Wedges – Level 74+ – I went from the level 60 Tour W and Satin wedges to these wedges.  It was quite an adjustment at first.  I would put backspin on all my shots with the level 60 wedges and once I moved to these and hit backspin it pulled back 10 yards on tourney greens!  Once you figure out these wedges they are amazing!  You can stop on a dime with a 25 mph tailwind, you can pull back 10 yards if you really want to, you can stop on a dime, you can roll a little if you’d like.. they give you a ton options after a lot of practice.

Burner 2.0 Irons – Level 80 – By far the best irons in the game!  If you look at all the top players they all have these irons.  The loft is great for Bethpage and courses with a lot of elevation changes.  They stop on a dime if you put backspin and without backspin they allow for a controlled roll.  I used the Raptures until I bought these… honestly.. if you can get away without buying irons until you get to level 80 (which is tough) don’t waste your credits on anything else!

Daytona Putter – Level 55 – If you look around at the top players this putter is used for probably 75% of them.  It is very accurate and allows for a little room for error on the meter.  I had previously used the Level 44 Redwood putter which was also a great putter but I dropped my score 2-3 shots upgrading to this putter.  I will use this putter until level 92 then possibly consider the Ghost Spider….

I hope this helps… any questions feel free to ask!



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