ECCC League is Underway!


This is a quick reminder to go and play the league CTTH and stroke tournaments.

This weeks CTTH is the Hilversumsche Golf Club.  Most of the shots are pretty easy.  This is a single play though.  One thing I noticed is that most of the shots played about 2 yds shorter than listed.  A few quick notes:

  • The 34 yd shot from the bunker, with full BS, takes off on landing.  It should play about 46-47yds with full BS.
  • The putt on the final hole isn’t that difficult.  I think I played it 30ftish and almost made it.  The line should be 4-5 ft left of flag.
  • Remember that tee shots will add 2-3 yds of distance to your iron.

This weeks stroke play is the Best of WGT 18 hole, low wind, tournament greens.  Tips off the top of my head:

  • Go out and “measure” your wedges in a practice round.  Wedge play is important to capitalize on what few easy birdies are available on this course.
  • Don’t let the current leader board intimidate you if you are a Pro or TP.  Under par is and excellent score!
  • Par is a good score on this course, particularly on the long Congressional P4.  Play it as a par 5, stay in the short stuff.
  • If you hit a good shot on a par 3, note your shot adjusting for wind.  We’ll be playing this course again in match and AS play (all these par 3s appear elsewhere as well).
  • The par 5’s are long, but consistency and solid wedge shots will get you a bird.  Shockingly, I’ve made 2 eagles so far, but that’s not the norm.  #8 is an easier approach from behind the hole.
  • #1 is a good birdie opp (BPB #1).  Add 3-4 yds on your approach.  For some reason this hole plays that much longer than it says.
  • #3 is a good bird chance.
  • #4 play 1-2 yds to the left of the flag, carry to the top of the table green on the approach and the ball will funnel down to the hole.
  • It is possible to drive the green and eagle #18 (#18 St A.) if you are downwind and get the lucky forward bounce down the right side of the FW.  The ball will roll toward the pin as it climbs onto the green.  The right side of the green is very favorable for long drives and approach.
  • Don’t give up on +12 ft putts (or par).  This conglomeration of holes doesn’t have too many tough putts.
  • If you get into trouble remember this.  20-25% rough and 15-20% hard sand plays 5% longer, 30-40% plays +12%, 40-50% rough plays +25% and 30-40 sand plays +50% with wedges.
  • Unless you are legend, tournament greens play 36% faster than your putt meter says.  To convert long putts, take {distance (ft) + elevation (in) } / 1.36 and mark the result with your listed meter.

Now go forth, post a good score and conquer the galaxy!


Your Imperious Leader