2013 March Madness

Join us for 2013 East Coast March Madness


  • There are 2 events match play and CTTH (Blitz)
  • Must be an East Coast member
  • Must play the 18 hole, 7 day qualifier & sign up on challonge
  • Matches will be played on a weekly schedule
  • Course setup will be 9 hole match play, ranked mode for match play and CTTH Blitz for Blitz play
  • Locations will be specified ahead of time
  • Field size is TBD (hope to have 64)
  • Prizes TBD
  • Qualifier opens mid February




Round 1 – March Madness

Match play will be played in scored mode for the Elite division and Practice for the Master and Pro division.  Please refer to the sign up list here to see if your opponent prefers 9 hole or 18.  If either opponent prefers 9 hole, then the match should be only 9 holes.  All matches will be played with the 90 second clock unless both players agree otherwise.

Refer to the bracket page to connect with your opponent.  Use of the chat room is recommended for match play hookup.  To setup a game in the interface, choose “create game”>”match play”> and select the course and game mode for play.  Good luck and good sportsmanship!

Please try to have this round completed by Friday, March 16.  Thanks!

After the match report your results here: https://eastcoastcountryclub.wordpress.com/report-a-mm-match/.

Week 1:

  • Pro: Kiawah Island front 9, Blue tees, slow greens, high winds
  • Master: Kiawah Island front 9, White tees, fast greens, med wind
  • Elite: Oakmont front 9, scored mode.

East Coast CC March Madness


Greetings East Coast Members,

Format of Play:

Ah March, that time of year where we gaze at brackets for hours on end.  Here’s the skinny:

Three divisions (divisions will be based on tier status as of 2/28):

Pro Division – Tour Pros and below are welcome (play in ranked match mode, course specified).  Final Four receive level up bars.  Winner receives pro shop gift, depending on field size, of 600-900 credits.
Master Division – Masters only (play in practice, match mode, course, tee box and green speed specified)  Final Four receive level up bars.  Winner receives gift of approximately 1000-1200.
Elite Division – TM and Legends only (ranked mode, course specified).  Winner take all, 3 sleeves of callys or 2 sleeves of nike ball of choice.

18 hole tournament qualifier by division.

If there are more than 16 applicants per division, then the cut will include top players with ties less than or equal to 16 (a maximum 4 round bracket with byes).  Seeding will be determined by placement in the 18 hole qualifier.  Higher seeds get byes.  Seed tiebreaks will revert to lowest handicap.  Eg If 4 players tie for places 15-18, the tournament bracket will be capped at 14 with the top two seeds getting a first round bye.  YOU MUST PLAY THE QUALIFIER TO BE ELIGIBLE.  Once the 7 day qualifier closes no new players will be available for tournament entry.  In the most unusual situation, I reserve the right to make an exception (we want to wrap this up by the end of March or sooner).

Single elimination, 9 hole, matchplay tournament.

Brackets will be posted on March 8.  Players will be responsible for scheduling their matches.  Leaving the club or not responding to requests for match will result in DQ.  Players have a maximum of 7 days per tournament round with no minimum.  Many players requested a 9 hole match.  18 hole matches are allowed as long as its agreeable for both parties.

Tips for scheduling your match.

  1. Add your opponent to friends list.  You can always remove after the tournament if necessary.
  2. Fill out the club survey.  I will make the schedule matrix available to help facilitate match scheduling.
  3. Keep your status green if you are available, red otherwise
  4. Post your correspondence on your opponents wall (this way I can see who’s not making an effort to work the match in and declare a DQ if necessary)
  5. Remind your opponent to use the club chat room.  This allows people to communicate even if they are playing another game (eliminates “phone” tagging).
  6. Follow the prescribed course location and condition setting if applicable.  The masters division will play in match practice mode (we will vary the tees from where you normally hit).  We will move to different locations during the course of the bracket play.  More creativity will be required to win in this format!
  7. Be courteous and make friends.
  8. As tournament director, I reserve the right to DQ anyone after 7 days without completing the round or before for other reasons I deem legitimate.

Brackets will be administered in real-time through challonge.  See example below: