Lets Talk Equipment Upgrades

Recently, I’ve upgraded my iron sets to TM Burner 2.0 and it gave me the idea to share my experiences with prior club sets in order to help those at lower tiers make good decisions on how to spend their credits.  First off, you should know, I have spent very little actual money on this game (maybe $15 total).  Pay no attention to the fully stocked pantry of dogfood, printer supplies and more restaurant.com coupons than I know what to do with.


  • Attempt to pair as much of your irons,woods and wedges together in a way that has the same meter speed.  This is probably more important than the actual speed itself.  You can always play with a ball that will slow things down if it is too fast.  Problems occur when you have to change meter tempos between a drive and and iron.  If they are the same speed you will internalize the tempo and ding more shots.
  • Rent first and look to pair club sets with a particular ball.  The WGT tour ball is pretty cheap for a sleeve and pairs well with the Rapture clubs for less than master tier.  It will save $ while you win RGs and challenges.
  • Buy a solid driver (R11) and putter first (Spider/Daytona).  You use these on virtually every hole.
  • Don’t forget to get wedges in your club set.
  • Once you’ve made the upgrade and gotten comfortable with it, resell those old clubs.  What are you going to do, give them to Goodwill?   (Kirk makes a good point below.  I play a fair amount for credit, so I don’t like to switch too much)


R11 Driver (level 20 something) – This is a pricey but fantastic driver.  It will do well until you get well into the master tier.  You should be about 84% accurate with this guy.

Ping Rapture 2010 Irons and woods – This is probably the first iron set you should buy.  Save up (maybe get the whole set at once).  The meter is slow enough to continue to play with the default ball.  You won’t get a lot of spin, but its free to play and move up.  These guys start to lose their luster once you have to back up to the Master tees.  My recommendation is to use them with the WGT ball and win as much on the RG circuit as you can as a Tour Pro.  Don’t play too many other ranked rounds, you’ve got a chance to build up your credit bank here.  Note: The first R11 driver pairs very well with this set and level.

Ping G10 Irons and woods (top level) – This set is cheap.  You will find it MUCH less forgiving than the prior set, but much more range worthy and precise (needed at Master+).  Pair the woods and the irons with a Callaway ball and you should be able to create lots of “ding” consistency.  The 3W has about 225 carry and will stop pretty quickly.  This is an ideal club for extra long par 3s ie #8 Oakmont.  The top G10 driver is pretty solid.  I avg about 274 and 83% accuracy!  Truthfully, accuracy is more important than length.  Hard to stop the irons above 6i on a dime, but you’ll find that they hold well on flat courses.

TM R9 Titanium Driver – I demoed this driver.  It’s solid at 278 distance.  I didn’t buy since it was a faster meter than my G10 irons at the time.  It’s pretty much interchangeable with the R9 lvl 80 driver.

TM R9 Level 80 Driver – I bought this driver to keep up with my Burner irons.  The meter is the same speed.  So, once I got used to the Burners, I’ve been very consistent with this guy.  At a list of 280 yds, its the second longest driver made and really only lacks an edge on the R11 (88) in forgiveness and length in a tailwind.  But, honestly, I don’t see myself getting an R11.  I like the faster meter.  This creates a natural groove with my irons (and the R11 irons as well).  With the Cally z ball I should consistently be averaging 290-300 off the tee, while keeping my driving accuracy above 83%.  The full backspin carry with this ball is solidly 280 with plenty height.  That means as a TM, I have some fun on #2 Kawiah, #9 BPB, the right to left dogs at Congressional and most of Cabo.

Taylor Made Burner 2.0 Level 79 Irons – These start to become a necessity if you want to get to legend or get positive credit flow at the TM level.  They are much more forgiving and have more stopping power than the G10.  Level 79 is a long way from level 90, so don’t think to long and hard about holding out for the R11s.  I’d estimate these clubs are 4-6 shots better than G10s on a course like BPB where long iron play is essential.  A little less so on the other courses.  My current problem: the tempo of them doesn’t pair with my driver.

Taylor Made Z wedges – These are the only wedges I’ve ever had or needed.  Learn to measure and use them and you’ll be virtually automatic at <100 yds.  They are very affordable as well at 200c a pop.  The wedges I have are 50yds, 86, and 105.  I find that a shot of 52-57 yds has me in a bit of a predicament with this set up.  I probably need the 86 to be about 78 to avoid this problem.  The 50yd wedge gets used a lot.  I didn’t really think through what my final wedge choices would be when I stared buying these.  I don’t recommend this approach.  Regardless, it is still one of the best parts of my game.

Cleveland wedges – I’ve rented these.  They are fantastic, but I don’t want to spend 1200 buying all new wedges just to gain some height and a little more ability to backspin.  I find the backspin control can be a hindrance just as much as a help.  For my $, there are better things to buy in the pro shop.

Spider Putter – First really good putter you can buy.  One of the best uses for 400c.  The 25/50ft deal is a slight adjustment.

Ghost Spider Putter (1200c) – My current club and likely final putter upgrade.  It’s good.  It’s not 800c better than the original spider though.  Maybe I make 1 more putt/round.

Dove Ball – These don’t last long, but heck, they’re free.  Look for an add that gets you a free ball when you watch a video.  You can accumulate lots of these guys to play in AS and other free formats.  You could probably play RGs at the TP tier.  These guys wear out fast.

WGT Tour Ball (distance) – This is a pretty good throw away ball.  It will stop with the right iron set.

Callaway i(z) – Don’t get the tracer ball.  Save your credits and watch replays if you want to see the trajectory.  This ball is probably the most popular.  At the TM level 300c isn’t really that much.

Nike (distance) – these balls are great.  But for 150c/ball I can’t really justify the additional cost.  I found that I couldn’t really tell if I was scoring any better.  With the G10 irons, the meter was actually a little too slow.  I have yet to try them with faster metered irons.  Willsstrs says the Legend Callaway ball is better FWIW.

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