Bollox Video Lessons

Embedded below are some video’s provided by BolloxInBruges, owner of club deviations.  Take a look.  It will help your game:


2 thoughts on “Bollox Video Lessons

  1. Ever notice how he times his meter?? Watch the pointer carefully on almost ever shot he makes, you will notice it jump up and then flick right when he clicks. Things to pick up on are his aiming method for side winds he uses the edge of the “target box” lined up with the pin from normal view as the equivalent of 10mph side wind.

    • I’ve noticed that. Nothing tricky, I think he just relaxes his wrist. Tension will cause misses.

      His putt reading and punch/short game are fantastic demonstrations.

      Don’t read too much into the target box. The level of zoom is different on each shot. If he uses it this way, its only on certain holes from certain distances (that he has memorized from playing so much). Use the height of the flagstick to measure wind distance (about 8 ft tall). The dial-a-wind calculator will give you more accurate results. The calculations come from some analysis done by youngguns97. I recommend adjusting your target pointer to the spot you are hitting to (not just left or right of the pin like Bollox). Conceptually this is aligned just as you would a putt. Give it a try!

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