WGT Bunker Lesson


Oakmont Notes

  1. Play a shorter distance on approach than stated. It is downhill and landing on a downslope. Take a par and RUN!!!!
  2. STAY BELOW THE HOLE especially on the back pin. Some of the breaks are crazy, so even though you may be hitting wedges in, this is not a reliable birdie hole
  3. Hit the fairway. On approach, play it 2-3 yds longer than the stated yardage. The added roll will almost cancel out the uphill.
  4. Plan this hole before you play it. It is a birdie hole but 1 misstep will lead to a bogey or worse. It is possible to go straight at the green off the tee but BE CAREFUL! OB runs through the middle of the 5th fairway so make sure you hit the left side!
  5. Play your approach right of the flag. It will feed down towards the hole. The green slopes hard so make sure you are hole high to get a straight putt.
  6. Play right of the flag, but not too far or you are looking at a sure bogey. Not the toughest green on the course, so birdie is possible.
  7. Make sure you hit the fairway at all costs. Make sure you hit the green at all costs, and for the left pin, make sure you hit the green & right of the pin!
  8. This hole’s distance may seem intimidating, but if you concentrate and hit the ding with good aim, you can birdie easily. Why? ┬áBecause it is the easiest green on the course.
  9. Hit the fairway. If you do not feel that you can stay below the hole on approach, then don’t be afraid to lay up. Take a par and RUN! A bogey here is not too bad either.
  10. Hit the fairway, hit the green, stay below the hole. If you play this hole well, a birdie is very possible.
  11. Be sure to stay in the fairway. Unless you can reach the green, going over the ditch is not much of an advantage.
  12. Play your approach well short and left of the pin. The green will feed the ball towards the pin. This goes for both pins.
  13. If you have decent clubs and you hit a backspin shot, the ball will come back. Fly just past the hole, and you are fine. Make sure your speed here is precise because a downhiller here is scary.
  14. Take a birdie. Unless you hit an iron off the tee, you will hit a wedge into the green, so it is get-able.
  15. If you hit the fairway, you are all set. This is my personal favorite approach in the game due to the level of precision needed to get a birdie, and how you can throw darts at the front flag. Anything can and will happen here.
  16. Take your time to calculate your distance here. A sloping green makes birdies hard but a large green makes bogeys rare. Take a par here.
  17. Make sure you can fly the bunkers if you go for it. If not, make sure to not run through the fairway on your lay up. Whichever way you play it, make a birdie and head to 18.
  18. Play your approach slightly left of the hole and it will feed towards it. Get close and it is easy putting. If you don’t, you might as well be at cedar point! Take a par and be glad you have survived your round at Oakmont!

Bethpage notes


This was the second WGT course. Flat greens, slim fairways, and thick rough make this parkland course what it is.

Hole by hole:

1.) Cut the corner if you want. The approach is 4 yds longer than advertised to the back pin

2.) Draw it around the tree if you can. This is a birdie hole.

3.) nothing tough about this hole, it is a simple par 3. Just don’t miss on the short side.

4.) Plan this hole well or you will pay the price. Fly the bunker if you can off the tee. It is impossible to hit this green in two unless you hit the space in front of the green on the tounge of the bunker. Lay up to your favorite yardage and wedge it to death.

5.) Tough par 4. Make sure you fly the bunker off the tee. Then you can try for the green if you have a good angle. If you don’t, don’t be afraid to lay up.

6.) A definite birdie hole. Only experience can tell you how far to cut the corner. The green is flat, so if you hit a good wedge shot you should be able to make the birdie.

7.) Do whatever you can to make a par. Never mess with a front right pin. If you have to lay up, make sure you hit the fairway. This is the hardest hole on the course from the back tees. Find a way to make par and move on!

8.) Make sure you do not leave yourself on the wrong tier. Other than that it is a birdie hole.

9.) only take on the bunker if you can. Play your second shot to the middle of the green. Don’t get too greedy.

10.) Hit the fairway at all costs. If you don’t you can’t lay up any closer than 80 yds, making it tough. The green slopes from back to front so stay below the hole.

11.) Take your chance of birdie

12.) The approach plays a bit longer than it says. Hit the fairway and you are fine.

13.) Birdie this hole. If you don’t you are giving up shots. Stay below the hole on approach.

14.) Stay below the hole (short). It is tough to birdie so don’t be fed up with par.

15.) On the common front left pin, land the ball left of the pin and watch the ball feed back towards the hole. Birdies are common, but so are bogeys and doubles. See Video:

16.) Hit the fairway at all costs. The approach plays 3 yards longer than it says.

17.) Stay on the right tier. The ridge goes right through the middle of the green.

18.) Do whatever you can to hit the fairway. It is not long, so don’t be afraid to hit 3 wd. stay below the hole, and you will make birdie very often. One of the more famous finishing holes in golf.