2013 March Madness

Join us for 2013 East Coast March Madness


  • There are 2 events match play and CTTH (Blitz)
  • Must be an East Coast member
  • Must play the 18 hole, 7 day qualifier & sign up on challonge
  • Matches will be played on a weekly schedule
  • Course setup will be 9 hole match play, ranked mode for match play and CTTH Blitz for Blitz play
  • Locations will be specified ahead of time
  • Field size is TBD (hope to have 64)
  • Prizes TBD
  • Qualifier opens mid February




East Coast Skin-vitational Interclub League


This event is intended to be a multi-club competition between the top WGT clubs.  Participation is by invitation only.  PM maxwere if you are interested in having your club compete.  Please consider that, competition will be between top legend players, so your club will need to have enough top players to complete and active 12 man roster.

Register your club’s team here.


  • Play will feature top players in round robin, 2 man skins, practice mode format.  The skins format increases pressure, rewards risk taking and encourages participation.
  • Competition is effectively a race to see who’s club can accumulate the most skins during the competition.
  • Additionally, we’d like to encourage WGT itself to build interclub functionality into the gameplay
  • Results from this event will be kept real-time on a Challonge.com website.


  • Up to 12 different country clubs compete head-to-head (I will be inviting the first 8 or so, then offering an open invitation)
  • Each club should nominate a team captain to point for his/her club.  This club owner or team captain must be trustworthy and in good standing with WGT and its community members.
  • Each club submits 12 players seeded 1-12
  • Players are assigned to one of twelve event pools according to their seed
  • Players will be identified by their club prefix (2-3 chars) and their WGT user name ie “(EC) maxwere”
  • Challonge account registration is recommended


  • Matches may be played in any order (no more than 10 total matches)
  • Matches will be setup in skins, practice mode with location and condition prescribed by the match play pool description on challonge.com
  • At the conclusion of the 9 hole match, players are asked to crop and upload scorecards to challonge event page.
  • Scores are reported according to the number of skins won in the match
  • Carried skins at the end of a match are lost
  • Deadline: play will terminate on a date specified at the beginning of the event.  All unplayed matches will be uncredited.
  • Substitutions, should they be necessary, should be requested by the club owner or team captain.


  • As part of this pilot, we’ll attempt to develop a method of accumulating the scores every few days in order to keep a master scoreboard.
  • Upon successful completion we will be interested in feedback in order to expand the scope to include many more clubs and participants (perhaps multiple leagues)

Sign Up For Winter in the Alps!


This is a new type event for East Coast: Swiss style round robin.  The details are subject to adjustment, but the event will play one ranked match per week during the duration of the winter season.  Swiss style schedules easier matches with weaker players and harder ones with better players.  This format will let us run a full event with the entire club!

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