Putting Tools

Many have asked for the chart I used in the video. I have uploaded the excel file below.  It includes an area to input distance and slope + = uphill,  – downhill.  This is for the Nike putter lvl 77 and Nike ball lvl 71 I use.  It’s not exact for every course but is fairly reliable for me.

The table below that is where I measure how far to move the triangle pointer to account for the break.  You can find in the rows labeled “Boxes-Downhill” / “Boxes-Uphill”.  It is factored for the speed of the break (which you must eyeball and read) based upon the distance of the putt.  It takes a little getting used to and recommend taking notes on speed of break around the hole so you will have a reference going forward.  There is a section in the table to adjust the factor for extremely fast conditions (ie. BPB #15 behind front pin placement).

In the second worksheet is a table I created to “measure” how far to move the triangle on the screen.  Print it out and see how it works for you.

Disclaimer: These are guides and not absolute solutions.  I recommend practicing and potentially customizing for your own purposes.  We are all trying to get better at this game and this is my attempt to share tools I use with club members.  Again this doesn’t guarantee success but should be a decent aid. Good Luck!    

Putter distance and break factors