Team Pairings and Seeds

These are the nearly official pairings.  These pairs represent a general ranking of putting proficiency (most important AS skill), schedules and to some degree driving distance.  If there is a problem, or a change needs to be made, let me know ASAP.  As a team, most of us are new to ECCC or generally play singles.  The other teams have pairs that frequently play together in interclub and may offer them a slight advantage early in league play.  So if you have time, get to know your partner and play a practice round.  And remember, have fun!

Team Pairing (AS matches):

  1. Minkywinkster (L) & chiefbreakwind (TM)
  2. maxwere (TM) & lethai (TM)
  3. iiigrassguyiii (M) & ellarica (TP)
  4. robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  5. gdiddlyof (TP) & mickey838 (M)
  6. PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

Initial Team Seeding (if necessary… I think this should re-rank based on weekly stroke result):

  1. Minkywinkster (L)
  2. maxwere (TM)
  3. lethai (TM)
  4. chiefbreakwind (TM)
  5. iiigrassguyiii (M)
  6. steveF5151 (M)
  7. robdetail (M)
  8. mickey838 (M)
  9. ellarica (TP)
  10. gdiddlyolf (TP)
  11. PRS77golfer (TP)
  12. magillian (P)

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