Front 9 By Joofcorn (Master)…

In light of the fact that I’ve been doing some practice on Olympic this week, i noticed the website had the back 9 notes, but nothing on the front, so I’m gonna try a stab at some notes on the front 9.

1) The hole doglegs right, fairway slopes left to right.  If you decide to cut the corner, be very careful of the trees on the right, they will ruin your day on the first hole.  If you have a shot to the green in 2 try and land short of the green, it is common to see balls roll all the way over the green.  Laying up short of the fairway end to try to a par is not a bad choice here.  Best landing spot is a little short and right of the hole, try not to go past the hole much, the downhill putt back is difficult.  Take your par if you can and move on.

2)  Difficult fairway, crazy slope right to left, a drive that hits just left of middle can easily end up in the rough, so try to hit the right side of the fairway.  Staying on the right side also sets up a much better second shot as its much closer to being level with the green.  Best landing spot is short left of the hole, but any shot onto the green isn’t bad here.  Chance for birdie, but a par is good too.

3) Don’t land on the short side of the green, leaves a very difficult putt, about anywhere else on the green isn’t bad, just try to get on the green.  If you can get close to hole it is fairly flat, pretty easy birdie.  If not two putt, get par, move on.

4) Dogleg left, putt backspin on the drive to hold the fairway and cut the corner some.  A tree limb hangs the far left side so be careful of it.  Green slopes back to front, best landing spot is short and a little right of the hole.  Stay below the hole, the putt from the back of the green is difficult.  Good chance at birdie on this hole, but hit the tree when cutting the corner and this becomes a quick double bogey

5) Dogleg right, long par 4.  Cut the corner a little, but don’t get caught short in the tree line.  Aim at the pin and the ball will roll left giving a flatter uphill putt.  The putt from the left is more uphill than it appears, be more aggressive on this putt to make sure it gets to the cup.  Don’t be afraid to lay up on this one, but birdies can happen.

6) Simple enough drive, just watch out for the bunker cutting into the left of the fairway.  Pin high, left of the hole gives you the best chance to make your birdie putt.

7) Short par 4, but WAY uphill, if you can get to the green in one, good for you, but leaves an almost impossible putt.  Play a conservative drive and just get on the fairway.  The green is tiered, and the pin is on the back tier which is relatively flat, so get your second shot onto the back tier.  Good birdie chance here if you get on the right tier, try not to pass this one up.

8) Uphill par 3, green slopes back to front.  Aim at the pin, because a shot in line short of the pin leaves a flat uphill putt.  Chance at birdie, but a par not bad here.

9) Long downhill drive here, fairway slopes right to left, simple enough.  Play your second shot short and left, very flat putt remains from there for a good look at birdie.  Avoid going right of this green, very difficult to get up and down from there.

I think this course is really only as difficult as people make it.  If you can stay in the fairway, the birdies will come.  However, getting into the rough makes a par difficult.  Even worse, clip a tree branch and don’t be surprised to get a double or triple bogey (I’ve had it happen to me).  Obviously keeping mistakes to a minimum is always a goal, but it is much more difficult to recover from them here, so the conservative play is sometimes your best option.

Back 9 by jwhistler31 (Legend)…

#10 –  424yrd par 4- dogleg right, add nearly full bs can cut dogleg some but don’t get greedy here.  Approach shot try to stay left of pin, if you miss right or long leaves breaking putt.  Green target is pin high left of pin.

#11-   430yrd par 4-  Narrow fairway, keep it in short grass.  Green is tiered and just about split in half (back and front) and slopes back to front.  Tier change begins just behind pin… green target location just left of pin so ball ends just right and in front of pin.

#12-   451yrd par 4-  fairway slope left to right slightly.  Fairway slight left to right slope.  Green target location – level putt from right of pin.

#13-   Par 3- plays about 4yrds shorter then marked yardage.  Green slopes right to left.  Land just in front of or even pin high right of pin will roll directly left to pin.  But that’s small target… Aim at pin, finish at 7 o’clock from pin have pretty straight putt.

#14-  419yrd par 4-  dogleg left, cut corner, fairway slopes right to left and down hill, to help you stay in fairway on drive.  Green slopes right to left… green target just right of pin so ball ends up just short of pin high and left.  Leaving a straighter putt.

#15.  Par 3- nothing fancy shoot for the pin and make birdie.

#16.  670 yrd par 5-  Longest par 5 in US Open History- no eagles here.  Dogleg left can cut corner with full bs but why push it or risk it, your not getting on the green in 2 anyway.  Second shot stay right as trees can catch you on left.  Set up your preferred wedge.  Shoot at the pin and make birdie.

#17.   522yrd par 5-  Fairway slopes left to right.  Green slopes back to front and left to right.  Green target location  just left of pin.  Ball should stop about 4 o’clock on pin.  Right front of pin for straight putt.  Don’t want to be long.  Stay in front of pin.

#18.  318 yrd par 4-  Bunkers prevents driving green.  Safe shot here is 3w or punched driver down left edge / backed off full bs driver.  Set up the good wedge shot and take a birdie.  Green slopes back to front.  Target location stay in line with pin, stay below pin…


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