Membership Activity Status Update

Currently, there is very high demand to join East Coast.  There is also very limited space available.  Also, chances are, if you are reading this, it doesn’t apply to you.  But, it is necessary to enforce tighter guidelines on member activity.  They are:

  • Tour Pro’s must not be inactive for more than 5 daysMasters 10.  We want an active club that is composed of Masters and above by the end of August.  Having fewer tiers in the club means bigger and better events, which means more fun.  You can’t move up if you don’t play.  (There will be individual exceptions for vacation and sabbatical.  Please PM me or post in the forum)
  • Membership in a club guild insures that you will not be dismissed for the club.  Extended inactivity will probably get you dismissed from your guild though.
  • Recent activity in the club forum will insure that you are not dismissed.
  • FYI, maintaining daily play activity takes less than 5 minutes.  You can play a single practice hole by the following:
  1. Go to the “courses” page on the WGT website.
  2. Select one of the courses available.  You will then see 18 holes.
  3. Pick the one you want to practice and press the “play now” button.  This will launch the game window and take you to that single hole to play.
  4. After completion of the hole you will receive your daily XP bonus plus 1 pt per shot taken.
  • Remembers, club membership is a privilege reserved for active, friendly, helpful members.

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