Posting A Scorecard to a Challonge Event

In future challonge club events like Skins Quest, players will be responsible to report their own results and scorecard.  The event administrator will be in charge of making corrections if necessary.  This entry is a walk-through of how to post a scorecard to an event (its easier than you think).


  1. If you have windows 7 you can use its snipping tool.  (instructions here)
  2. If you don’t prefer to use windows 7’s snipping tool.  Go here and download greenshot (free).
  3. For Greenshot (snipping tool is very similar), simply right click the greenshot icon in the taskbar and choose “capture region”.  A cross shaped cursor will appear that will allow you to drag over the scorecard area of your display.
  4. From the greenshot editor, choose File>Save as and place in the appropriate location on your computer.
  5. Go to the event page and choose your current event.
  6. Choose the appropriate match and click the paperclip icon.  See below:
  7. Browse for your image and select “submit”:

8. Your done!


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