East Coast Skins Quest

To join the skins quest, you must have created a challonge account (this is free).  Use your WGT handle or as close to it if possible.

This event will consist of 2 divisions (Master and Legend).  The Master division is open to players from Master tier and below.  The Legend division is reserved for Legend and Tour Master players.  Players will be reassigned up to the start of the event if they change tier.


  • This is a round robin style event.
  • You must be comfortable scheduling and playing matches in a timely fashion (2-3 9 hole skins per week)
  • Every player will play a 9 hole match from his/her perspective tee box.
  • Course will be specified for each round of the tournament.
  • Rounds may be played in any order.
    (feel free to schedule 2-3 matches in a row if you want)
  • Players will report their results directly on the challonge site.  Report your score in terms of skins accumulation, exactly the sum of 9 (ie player1 def player2 6 to 3)
  • Winner is determined by total number of skins captured during the event.  (website will track this!)  It is possible to lose and still win!
  • Leaving the club for more than a short period of time will result in a DQ
  • Event DQ will result in all skins defaulting to opponents.
  • Win loss record will determine tie breaks
  • tip: use the windows 7 snipper tool to capture score cards if we need to resolve a dispute.
  • prizes TBD (finishing the event qualifies you for a random drawing sleeve of balls)
  • Event duration will be determined by the number signed up.  Event will start in April and will feature the new WGT course (as well as other courses)!

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