Blitz Kings CTTH Tournaments (April Event)

!!!Update: The fist Blitz King event will run this Saturday, March 31 @ 9:00 AM EST!  Sign up for it here!!!

Good news for those of you that like the CTTH format!  This is to be the first CTTH event for ECCC.  The format will include a free bracket and a challenge bracket.  Higher tiered players are encouraged to participate in the challenge bracket if possible.  Players may only participate in one bracket or the other.  To signup, do the following:

  1. create a challonge acct (free).
  2. Use your WGT handle as your username (or very similar).  This will make things easy.
  3. after signing up a free challonge account choose one of the following tournaments

Once match play begins you’ll report your results directly to  As best I can tell, we will be the first club to use this third party method of scoring!  I expect this to be simple and work well, however, please be patient and courteous with other club members as we all learn the process.  It will be worth it as challonge has lots of great intra-club competition possibilities!

Additional Prizes: TBD


  • Matches will be played in blitz challenge mode for 25 credits and tracked mode for free
  • Tournament will be played on a Saturday TBA @ 9:00 AM EST (matches take <15 mins)
  • tournament is double elimination, so you have to lose twice to be eliminated!
  • match location will be specified on the tournament challonge website
  • To sign up for this tournament you must have a challonge account
  • Signup is open to any current ECCC member
  • Players will be seeded according to tier/avg
  • If you leave the club while bracket is in play you will be DQ’d
  • The bracket is double elimination
  • Matches are 2 man
  • A location will be specified for play above the bracket
  • Matches should be played with a 30 second shot clock (these will be quick matches)
  • Use the club chat room for hookup
  • Winner becomes ECCC blitz king!
  • Event opens March 31, so sign up ASAP!

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