Round 2 – March Madness

Lets get those round 1 matches finished up! Round 2 features the following locations and setup:

  • Pro: Kiawah Island front 9, Blue tees, standard greens, high winds
  • Master: St Andrews front 9, Red tees, very fast greens, med winds
  • Elite: Congressional front 9, scored mode.

4 thoughts on “Round 2 – March Madness

  1. Max, I don’t believe that you can get tournament greens set up in a practice round mode. If
    there is a way, please let me know to do it. Thanks , Steve

    • Just sit tight for now. I think (hope) spring break has caught up with some folks. Particularly Darren Fields, he hasn’t responded to personal email, so I think he was/is on vacation. I expect him back soon. It is this reason that I am a bit lenient. I will be cracking down later this week though.

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