Round 1 – March Madness

Match play will be played in scored mode for the Elite division and Practice for the Master and Pro division.  Please refer to the sign up list here to see if your opponent prefers 9 hole or 18.  If either opponent prefers 9 hole, then the match should be only 9 holes.  All matches will be played with the 90 second clock unless both players agree otherwise.

Refer to the bracket page to connect with your opponent.  Use of the chat room is recommended for match play hookup.  To setup a game in the interface, choose “create game”>”match play”> and select the course and game mode for play.  Good luck and good sportsmanship!

Please try to have this round completed by Friday, March 16.  Thanks!

After the match report your results here:

Week 1:

  • Pro: Kiawah Island front 9, Blue tees, slow greens, high winds
  • Master: Kiawah Island front 9, White tees, fast greens, med wind
  • Elite: Oakmont front 9, scored mode.

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