ECCC Roster Management Policy

ECCC is a large club.  Therefore, it is necessary to have a clearly defined management policy in order to be fair to the members and insure a fun, quality, active club.  UPDATE: If you don’t meet exemption status, you must renew your membership on a (minimum) bi-weekly basis by signing up for the weekly Freeroll events the the free club tournament section.  Competition is optional, but please signup for the tourney to help us manage the club roster.  It’s as easy as clicking a button.  Thanks!


In general, you are exempt from participating the in the mandatory weekly “auto-renewal” event if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Achieved Legend or Tour Legend tier
  • Achieved level 90 or higher
  • Have more than $100 in career earnings
  • Have recently been a tournament sponsor or club event organizer
  • You’ve let the club owner know that you are on WGT sabbatical.


In general, a member has grounds for dismissal if:

  • they fail keep their membership in good standing for consecutive weeks through the “auto-renewal” event (provided they are exempt)
  • they are rude or disrespectful to other members
  • they continually ignore requests to play in the appropriate tournament tiers
  • they continually enroll in club events and fail to participate (without notification)

The owner will, at his/her discretion:

  1. notify the individual in the appropriate manner
  2. dismiss the individual if either an agreeable resolution cannot be reached or there is no response in a reasonable time frame


A member is welcome to be reinstated at anytime, pending the owners discretion.

Ongoing management (weekly auto-renewal):

Currently players are removed based on inactivity in any WGT event (even practice rounds).  Due to increased demand for club membership.  We will be removing non exempt players who do not regularly (once every week or so) compete in club events.  We host so many tournaments (with free prizes) that there is no excuse for players, who’ve not met exemption, not to take advantage.


It is valuable to all of us who enjoy the club to find members who are friendly, active, successful in the WGT events and willing to sponsor prizes for those who are unable to pay for play events.  (It is not necessary to meet these standards to become a member.)  An influx of these types of players can do wonders for our club.  Please consider inviting players whom you connect with in multiplayer games (even if they already have a club) that share these attributes.  Career earnings can be an indicator of such success (but not necessarily generosity).

BTW: if you haven’t done so follow us on twitter @eastcoastccwgt.  Link is provided in the navigation bar at the top.


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