AM on the Beach Grudge Matches

Announcing ECCC January AM grudge matches with the Blind Land Sharks CC!!!

Score: ECCC 3 – BLSCC 0

Below is an incomplete list of players to invite to a grudge match game:

maxwere (1-0) gaspedal (0-1)
chiefbreakwind (2-0) jclman (0-1)
xstinsonx (1-0) kirkhamilton (0-3)
minkywinkster cobrastryke (0-1)
dramamaer malcolm818
robdetail (1-0) 2455
stevef5151 subzero1963
ellarica starriser51
astarbird (1-0)


  1. Grab a fellow ECCC member and challenge a BLSCC pair (listed at bottom) to a 9 hole AS grudge match.  You should see several BLSCC folks on in the AM.  Use the ECCC lobby here:  AM is not necessary, please note AM in the result though.
  2. Play as many matches as you like.  Try to mix it up if you can.
  3. Report match results in at the bottom of this post.  Be honest.
  4. There are no other rules!

We’ll keep a tally of ECCC vs BLSCC through the end of the month.  Winning prize = BRAGGING RIGHTS!  I’ll try to keep individual and pair records as well.  If we can get some steady participation we’ll expand this into a February inter-club morning league.  We’ll keep expanding format, type of play and other rules as long as there is critical mass.  Good Luck!

Alternate Shot Results


  • Kirkhamilton and malcolm818
  • cobrastryke and gaspedal
  • jclman and subzero
  • 2445 and starriser


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