League Update

If you have not heard by now, the ECCC league has become unsustainable. It appears that scheduling was far too ambitious given the limitations of administration, chat etc provided by the WGT development team.  My summary of why ECCC league wasn’t working is as follows:

  • players that tend to be AM or PM had trouble getting matches in
  • scope of the league play was too large and complicated
  • primary way of organizing the league was through club forum, which was messy
  • no chat or lobby availability
  • difficult to evaluate commitment level and administer subs when needed etc

In addition, Kirkhamilton and some other former members have elected to start their own club so that they can restrict their network of players to people who have common interests in game play.  Understand, this spirit of exclusivity is mostly built around scheduling and experience than how well someone can click a mouse.  That being said, Kirk and I are interested in starting a regular head 2 head competition of some sort.  If you are interested, read below and PM me.  These are my thoughts on general prerequisites:

  • AM availability: 7-10 EST specifically.  Can you get 2-3 AS matches per week in during this time?  This is a minimum prerequisite.
  • Scope: 6 players plus an alternate from ECCC and Land Sharks.  Game format TBD, we are thinking alternate shot and simple score accumulation.  Scope and play format can expand once we have critical mass.
  • Good attitude: Must play well with others.  If you consider your game to be your great skill set in life or have trouble managing success and failure, then this is probably not for you.  That being said, smack talk and competition is encouraged.
  • Experience: We prefer to have Tour Master and Legend tier players.  We will consider Master players a little more rigorously based on activity level and so forth.  We don’t want to have to handicap or seed.
  • Organization: We’ll organize through a blog site.  Participants can post links, results and scores just as the would normally do.
  • Lobby: As part of the match pairing process, we’ll use a lobby plugin to communicate and organize play efficiently. Example:WGT AM Lobby

4 thoughts on “League Update

  1. Max- I am certainly available for the times you have mentioned. My problem would be that I
    consider myself to be a “low level” master, having moved up too quickly ( hadn’t leveled up
    enough to get the better equipment needed to compete, was using an R-11 driver at first, which is
    definitly not enough club from the master tees ). I now have a G-10 which is o.k. at best.
    I love to play, and am not scared of losing matches ( that’s how you learn ). Perhaps you need
    a sub, if so I am willing.
    As a side note , I am very dissapointed that the league play was halted, I met and played against
    some really nice people, and was looking forward to further competition. Thanks , Steve

    • Steve, we’re trying to be intentionally restrictive to get a workable model going (which we can eventually expand). These prerequisites are pretty arbitrary at this point. I’ll keep you in mind. Being competitive shouldn’t take you very long if you’ve got good clubs.

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