Week 1 Matches

It’s time for weekly match pairings.  With your partner, you will play two types of matches against your designated opponent from assassins (AS and Skins).  an AS match and a pair of singles matches (one skins) with each assassin opponent.  I’m told, the course and match duration are entirely up to the agreement of the participants.  It looks like the most sensible thing to do is have one team pick the course for AS and the other for skins.  (I do not recommend an 18 hole skins match though.)  Review the schedules: http://www.wgt.com/clubs/east_coast/forum/t/77719.aspx and PM one of your opponents to suggest a time.  Report results here: http://www.wgt.com/clubs/east_coast/forum/t/80079.aspx.  Speaking of pairings, here they are:

  1. Willsstrs and cycle1979 vs Minkywinkster (L) & chiefbreakwind (TM)
  2. tigerbagger and jclman vs maxwere (TM) & lethai (TM)
  3. Astarbird and cmhughes vs iiigrassguyiii (M) & ellarica (TP)
  4. GASPEDAL and JHByrd vs robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  5. mikeym6163 and dbadeaux vs gdiddlyof (TP) & mickey838 (M)
  6. jazjoemar and wildbirds vs PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

One correction from an earlier post, CTTH is unlimited format.  We had hoped to do single, but alas, WGT will not allow it.  (This is basically like extra credit.)  He who spends the most time wins.  So, keep shooting and practicing to post your lowest score!  <100 ft is pretty good.

Results from stroke so far.  (still waiting on chief, magillian and gdiddlyof)  Very well done players!  It’s going to be close with sharks.  Remember, we score the top ten, so participation is very important.

rank player team score
1 GBRMinkywinkster 97 cylon 57
4 USAmaxwere 82 cylon 60
10 THAlethai 86 cylon 64
10 USAellarica 68 cylon 64
18 USAiiigrassguyiii 88 cylon 68
30 USAstevef5151 59 cylon 72
30 USARobDetail 64 cylon 72
36 USAmickey838 52 cylon 74
53 USAPRS77Golfer 72 cylon 85

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