Team Name, Theme and Avatars

Replacing your current WGT avatar is certainly optional.  But, it appears that other teams are coordinating official looking graphics.  (I am certainly capable of doing this if we want)  I was thinking we’d pick our own robot character that suits a persons tastes.  Mine is Maximillian from Disney’s “The Black Hole” (horrible movie from 1979).  I’ve suggested a few (with links) in the following forum post:

The team name and theme originated from science fiction’s version of mythological demigod/classic antihero (not just BSG characters).  I thought the use of cycloptic robots (presumably without depth perception) juxtaposed against the 2D nature of the WGT platform was kinda funny and slightly intimidating.  It also doesn’t hurt that Battlestar Galactica was badass.

Have fun!


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