Team Roll Call So Far

These are the preliminary seeds for team Cylon (at this point it doesn’t mean much).  Profile links can be found in the drop down menu’s above.  We are currently working on team pairings.  It is not necessary that partners be of the same caliber.  It may actually help an up and coming player to be paired with an established one.  If this is the case, I will use a reasonable method from player stats to adjust the seed.  In addition, try to find a partner that has a fairly synced schedule with yours (many players have posted availability in the club forum).   If you have a preference for a partner, plus notify me.  I’m sure if we need to make adjustments we will.  Thanks!

  1. Minkywinkster (L)
  2. maxwere (TM)
  3. lethai (TM)
  4. chiefbreakwind (TM)
  5. iiigrassguyiii (M)
  6. steveF5151 (M)
  7. robdetail (M)
  8. mickey838 (M)
  9. ellarica (TP)
  10. gdiddlyolf (TP)
  11. PRS77golfer (TP)
  12. magillian (P)

Team Pairings  – This is my first shot at pairings.  Please suggest changes.  Some seem odd based on tier alone, but, here’s my initial rationale:  Lethai and I are generally on in the mornings and we are both about to roll to Legend.  As TMs, I think we have clear yardage advantages over pairs like Willsstrs & Cycle or YG & Q.  Minky (aka Hass), the club ace, and gdiddlyof are both UK and personal friends (this may not work since “g” is only a TP).  Ellarica is posting extremely low scores for a TP.  She has nice, long, equipment and I thought the pairing with Chief, an very experienced player, would create and interesting yardage advantage on every other hole (so far Will has not banned this strategy).  Rob requested to be paired with Steve.  That leaves grassguy paired with mickey (both masters) and PRS77 and magillian (both relatively new club members).

Best Option (edited):

  1. Minkywinkster (L) & chiefbreakwind (TM)
  2. maxwere (TM) & lethai (TM)
  3. iiigrassguyiii (M) & ellarica (TP)
  4. robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  5. gdiddlyof (TP) & mickey838 (M)
  6. PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

Option 2:

  1. Minkywinkster (L) & lethai (TM)
  2. maxwere (TM) & ellarica (TP)
  3. chiefbreakwind (TM) & iiigrassguyiii (M)
  4. robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  5. gdiddlyof (TP) & mickey838 (M)
  6. PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

Option 3 (orthodox method):

  1. maxwere (TM) & Minkywinkster (L)
  2. lethai (TM) & chiefbreakwind (TM)
  3. robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  4. iiigrassguyiii (M) & mickey838 (M)
  5. gdiddlyof (TP) & ellarica (TP)
  6. PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

Option 4 (unorthodox method) – This is a quirky strategy to pair lower tier players with higher to gain a yardage advantage on 5/9 holes and also help lower tier players improve:

  1. Minkywinkster (L) & ellarica (TP)
  2. maxwere (TM) & iiigrassguyiii (M)
  3. lethai (TM) & mickey838 (M)
  4. chiefbreakwind (TM) & gdiddlyof (TP)PRS77golfer (TP)
  5. robdetail (M) & steveF5151 (M)
  6. PRS77golfer (TP) & magillian (P)

5 thoughts on “Team Roll Call So Far

  1. I’m sure your selection for my partner will be just fine. If you would like me to choose then I
    think stevef5151 would be a good choice.

  2. not knowing anyones real strengths and weaknesss, my inkling is to go with ur ‘best scenario’ and see how things go…

  3. I’m just happy to be a participant. My game was stronger a couple of weeks ago before turning master. I,m starting to get used to new tee box locations. Thanks to robdetail for requesting me as a partner, I will try not to let him ( or the team ) down. The available times I listed are EST.
    If given notice, I will try to make any scheduled time. Thanks again

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